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Reviews from our travelers.

“I learned about Airfordable a few years ago and it almost seemed too good to be true! My husband and I tried it and it was so seamless that we’ve kept coming back. We also love that they’ve always been able to lock-in the flight deal and price we find.“

Alexis Lennon

Trip to Cancun

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How are travelers using Airfordable?

Visit Family

We're bringing families closer together. Whether customers are returning home from school, visiting for the holidays, or just stopping by, we help them reconnect with family across the country and globe.

Solo Adventure

Solo travelers love to make their own schedules. With Airfordable, travelers can choose an installment plan that works best for them and enjoy the freedom and excitement of traveling alone.

Honeymoon Trip

Wedding expenses can be overwhelming. Honeymoon expenses don't have to be. We make it easy for customers to pay for their honeymoons so they can focus on enjoying it.

Family Vacation

We support group bookings of up to seven passengers on each booking. This means travelers can pay for group tickets on the same installment plan and enjoy a vacation with their whole family or a group of friends.

Global Festivals

A whole world of concerts, events, and festivals are waiting. Party-goers are using Airfordable to get to the best festivals in the world.

Work Conference

Have to travel for work? Airfordable allows business travelers to book in advance so they can stay focused on business.

Approved by the press

“Airfordable's value comes at the intersection of volatile ticket prices.... By locking in a ticket price up front, users can benefit by securing a better price on airfare while demand stays low and the date of departure is still far away.”

“A service like Airfordable could mean the difference between someone being able to take a trip or not – turning it into a priceless service.”

“The best part about Airfordable is that your ticket is paid off before your trip, so you don’t have to deal with debt once you return home. For someone who doesn’t want to miss out on a trip to see family and friends, a vacation or a life milestone, this can be a really great service.”

“Airfare is usually cheaper when you buy further in advance, but what if you haven't planned for a trip, or saved up the cash yet? One new solution is Airfordable.”

Making travel Airfordable

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